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Bookings require a 50% deposit. Sessions must be rescheduled at least 12 hours ahead of time or your deposit may be forfeited. Session starts and ends at scheduled time or once the engineer has finished setting up the equipment.


Please be sure to request all necessary files during the session. Files/stems requested after the session is over may be subject to a transfer fee. Your account must be paid in full prior to receiving any files.


Our facilities are available for use if you would like to book without one of our in-house engineers. All outside engineers will require approval before the space can be booked.  An assistant will also be provided to help navigate the rooms or answer any questions. Clients are fully liable for any damage to equipment or missing items. Please respect our space and clean up any messes you leave behind or you may be charged a cleaning fee. Full payment is due at time of booking for room rentals. 4 hour minimum.

Mixing/ Mastering

During your session we will provide you with a light mix of your songs within the scheduled time. A final mix and master can be requested of the engineer for a flat fee.

 ​We also offer online mixing and mastering services to those who record themselves in our facility or at home, etc. Please submit your stems in the following format:

Preferred format is 24bit, 48k sample rate however, you should keep the original bit depth and sample rate when submitting tracks to be mixed.

Wav format (no mp3, aiff, etc.)

Export all stems from the beginning to end of the session and have everything labeled and consolidated.

Remove all unnecessary plugins (unless they are specific effects vital to the sound.)

Send stems as a single compressed ZIP folder to

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